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elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge is a Tulsa man salon the absolutely provides the most amazing haircuts to our clients. We are able to apply greater customer clients because we make sure we trade are doing professionals in-house. By training all of our growing professionals in-house this ensures that our clients will always receive the exact same great service to matter which shot that they attend. This allows us to be able to keep our clients extremely happy because they know that they can go wherever is convenient for them for the day and they will still receive the exact same great service and amazing award-winning haircut. We do not like to make our clients life more difficult, but is that we want to make it more easy for them. By doing this this allows our clients to be able to catch a haircut on the go go go into any shop and get a cleanup in between haircuts for free.

This Tulsa man salon is the very best at it. There is no other haircuts salon that is able to compete with the quality of service that we provide for our clients, or even the positive environment that we provide for our staff. These two things go hand-in-hand because when you have a happy staff, they are able to make your clients even more happy is satisfied with gratitude. Also you have happy clients they are able to equally join the positive environment they are met with when they come into the shops that’s always there. We are really the best that we do it we continue to work every day to become better for our clients. Our customers have named our haircuts the winning haircuts because they are the absolute best haircuts they have ever received.

One thing that is absolutely great about this Tulsa man salon is that we give back. Elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge make sure that we take care of our community as well as our customers. When you come to our shop you receive your first haircut for only one dollar. Not only would get a haircut for one dollar but you will receive the best services and our top tier haircut option for only one dollar. Consider this our way of giving back to our community as well as it is a way for us to allow you to experience exactly what we have to offer. We donate that one dollars to compassion international in order to pour back into our community that we love so much.

Many of you may wonder what is compassion international? Compassion international is a nonprofit organization that also gives food, medical care, and education to children who are located in Third World countries. We value here the way for others as we would like for them to do once us. We also value health in our community, and we know their community goes a lot further than just those who surround us on a daily basis.

If you want to book an appointment with elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge give us a call at 833 – 348 – 7669. You may also visit our website at any time for your convenience and check out some of the other amazing benefits of getting your hair cut with us, or just book online at your convenience at eitrlounge.com

Why Is Our Tulsa Man Salon The Perfect Fit?

At elephant in the room in the grooming lounge the best Tulsa man salon we we make sure that we take care of all of our clients. We offer the most amazing haircuts that you can receive. We are dominating the haircut industry in the northwestern region with shops in Tulsa Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, and other places. There’s so much love about our haircuts but our haircuts and others only Spears that we bring to the table. People absolutely love the environment of our shops in general. When you come into elephant in the room is grooming lounge will notice how clean it is, how happy and energetic the staff is, and just how amazingly talented each and every one of our stylists are.

Elephant in the room means grooming lounge the Tulsa man salon has been rated number one man salon in our entire region. We have the most Google reviews that are actually positive and are now considered the highest rate means grooming lounge in our area. One of the ways we are able to maintain such great quality to our clients is because we train all of our stylists in the house. This is a great benefits our customers and we continue to do it because it works very well. My train all of our grooming professionals in-house this allows each and every one of our clients to be able to take great trust in us to make sure that we will give them the exact same quality of service every single time. This helps take away the anxiety if your stylus is not in the shop, or own vacation you still receive the same great service in the same luxurious quality of a haircut.

We absolutely do our best at the Tulsa man salon to make our clients happy. We even have a consultation with each one of our clients before we begin actually doing the haircuts make sure this is exactly what you want. We get to speak with you about weird concerns are on topics I care growth, hair shedding, excessive growth, is so much more. We do our job to educate our clients as best as we can and we also make sure that we take care of your hair. This is such a happy, friendly, and family environment to surround yourself with. Going to the barbershop should be receiving a service that allows you to relax and also feel refreshed once you get out of the chair to leave. This is the exact extent elephant in the room means grooming lounge provides for each and every one of our clients which is why so many of them are happy and returning today with additional family, friends, and loved ones.

Elephant in the room and grooming lounge is a super amazing place to receive your haircut. We are so confident what we do that we offer you your very first haircut for only one dollar. We know that we are the best to service the northwestern region. For one dollar you receive our deluxe haircut which are top-tier service. Each and every one of our haircuts or matter which service you are getting comes with a beverage or the timeframe of your appointment, a here wash and condition with a scout massage, a hot towel, and so much more to make sure that both your here in your scalp are receiving the nutrition that they truly need. With this deluxe service, you also receive two free add-ons with your one dollar haircut which went to be the paraffin hand treatment as well as in a situation scout massage taking your service to a new level. Elephant in the room donates that one dollar for every single person that comes for the first time visit to compassion international which they nonprofit organization that serves children in Third World countries and ways they need the most.

If you are need of a haircut right now calls in the room men’s grooming lounge. We have salons in Tulsa, downtowns also, as well as broken arrow near you. Visit our website at eitrlounge.com or give us a call at 833-348-7669.

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