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We offer so much more than every other Tulsa Man Salon, and the proof is in the pudding. In addition to all the services that we provide, we also provide extras on top of all that. We will take the time in the care needed to produce the exact that you want. You might be surprised at how amazing the haircut is because you literally will never experience one so good. We will work with you and any time that is needed to make sure that we plan it out and execute it to your full satisfaction. We are ready for you to come in today!

We’re so different from whatever you are thinking when you think about a Tulsa Man Salon. Not only do we offer here, but we offer experience unlike any other in not only Oklahoma, but in the world. We are extremely understanding and even if you’re not totally sure how you want your hair, or you want to try something new either one is fine with us. We will not rush you at any point, and we support multiple different charities. We truly believe that we have to give back because that is the right thing to do.

There are some different choices for Tulsa Man Salon, but do they all offer the same services that we do? Of course we offer all the basics, that is a given. But, we care so much about her that we even make our products for your hair, and we only provide the best stylists, or as we like to say the cream of the crop. You will not experience anything like a level of comfort that you will have here. From the very first moment that you walk through the door, all the way until you walk back out you will be amazed and inspired. You will wonder why everybody does not take this much pride in their work, but then you will realize that we are truly unique.

We are always punctual and we will give you the perfect haircut even the very first time. Even if it has been quite a while since you got your last haircut and you do not remember exactly what you usually get, we will work with you until we know it. You cannot go wrong with a one dollar haircut, so what do you have to lose? We could not be more excited for you have found us here, and we do not take lightly responsibility of cutting your hair, because we know that that can change so many things about your life.

We know that even if you come in for the one dollar first time haircut, you will come back for more each and every time. You will not even think of any other place, but rather you will leave a section of your schedule cut out just for us. You will get exactly what you want every single time. You will be asking us over and over what you can do to get more involved, well, the deluxe membership is always an incredible option.

Tulsa Man Salon | When Should You Call?

You should call our Tulsa Man Salon in the very first chance you get. If you did not catch it before our phone number is 918 – 877 – 2219, please not hesitate and call us today. What price would you pay for the best haircut you ever got? Well, we are also reasonably priced and we will work our hardest to give you an experience that you have never before thought was imaginable. Not only will you be extremely satisfied, but you will be very relaxed about the whole process, something that is not always a given in places where you are going to get a haircut out.

As far as Tulsa Man Salon, there is nobody that is even a close second to us. If you use a call today then by the time you come in you will be so happy with the experience. You will be offered a drink while you wait, but even when you do great it will not be for that long. It is a very good idea for you to sign up for monthly service, but first of all let’s get you in for the first haircut so you can see if you like it. We know that you will not be disappointed and you wonder why you never use this before.

Not only are we the best Tulsa Man Salon, but we are also the best in Oklahoma City. If you are tired of not knowing exactly the haircut you’re going to get whenever you go in, we can solve that problem for you. So please give us a call today at 918 – 877 – 2219, and let us prove to you why we are the best. Not only is our service excellence, but it is friendly as well and will make you feel as if you are at your own home. We treat all our customers as if they were our own family!

Prices are extremely affordable and you’ll wonder how you got such a great value. Many times you will go to a hair salon and pay astronomical numbers. Sure, for this payment you will get an incredible haircut, but we thought why could you not have a reasonable price and get an incredible haircut at the same time. Something so important as your hair is something that needs be taking care of the right way. Because, we believe that a man’s hair is his makeup. Yes, you heard us right, a man’s hair and haircut is the equivalent of a woman’s makeup.

We will take that extra time necessary to give you exactly what you have imagined in your head. Even if you were just to come in and show us a picture of where you were to want, that is a great way to be able to execute it effectively. Here at the EITR Lounge many have described their experience as incredible or fantastic. Even these statements, we believe, are understatements. We will always treat you right and we will always get the results that are desirable. We are always timely with our appointments and when you come in here and it will be a fun and relaxed atmosphere, while simultaneously providing the most professional haircut possible.

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