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Tulsa mens grooming salon we make all of our clients a top priority, so therefore we have several packages to choose from when it comes to being a client or customer our salon. We try to get the best possible service that you can receive in a man salon and the best possible experience that leave you wondering why you have and came to our salon before. Your experience our salon means everything to us and we value you as a client and customer even if you’re a new or an existing client. Your style and your everyday life means everything to us, so the no-brainer for you as a client or customer to the start booking your appointments with us for your everyday needs in a haircut.

Here at Tulsa mens grooming salon we do our best to make your anymore that you ever dreamed about in a mmens salon. What you booked your women with this and you come and receive our services and our best customer service that there is to offer in any other salon you will see why we are the highest rated Oklahoma men salon. You as a current client or even a new client we value every single client a new customer that comes in our door he demeaned the absolute world to us that you received the absolute best haircut,customer service,experience that you will ever receive salon.

Our Tulsa mens grooming salon is top rated for experience in customer service in Oklahoma for a good reason. All of our clients and customers are repeatedly coming back to our facility for more haircuts and to see what kind of packages we have to offer. The better in the higher the package that you receive and spend money on the more benefits they that package will have. We have three different packages in all three packages were made to fit your lifestyle and accommodate you in every way possible that a salon can accommodate you. The first, packages are very simple you have your standard and your deluxe haircut package.

Now our third package which is our premium package, is the best package possible that we can offer to all of our clients and customers. This package includes everything and includes unlimited haircuts and beer trimmings just for you. Anytime you feel the need that you need to come in and get your beard trimmed up a little bit maybe it’s growing out and you have a hot date tonight. Come on in and get your beard trimmed right on the spot for free with your premium package purchase as a valued member and client of our men salon.

Our absolutely amazing customer service and our salon is going to have you wondering why you haven’t booked your appointment already. Here at the salon we like to make everything as easy as possible and accommodate your schedule. Please call us to make an appointment today at 883-348-7669, if you don’t want to talk on the phone that’s totally fine because you can also book an appointment today on our website at eitrlounge.com.

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