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Is getting something set up at Tulsa Men’s Grooming Salon what you would like to ideally do? Then feel free to contact us at elephant in the room Men’s Grooming lounge. We would love to get you in for your first haircut with us, that first haircut being $1. The first haircut would get you more than just an amazing haircut experience it would also get you some amazing haircut amenities too. We want to be able to get you some products that would be able to help keep you looking fresh.

Are you looking for hair products as well from Tulsa Men’s Grooming Salon ? Then feel free to try ours out. We make our products in-house for you so that you can be taken care of by us. These products are Handmade by our amazing staff so that you don’t have to go anywhere else to get amazing products for you. We also sell products from other retailers as well because we understand that some people are looking for name brands as opposed to just local brands. If you do enjoy supporting local businesses though, you can always get that product bought at one of our locations.

Anytime that you were needing grooming from Tulsa Men’s Grooming Salon feel free to just reach out to West and get your first visit set up. We offer that first haircut for just $1, but then you can also come back and get membership set up. Setting up a membership with us would allow you to come in month-to-month and get a haircut set up regularly. It would also come at a discounted rate to allow you to get your haircut more frequently without having to break the bank to get it. We offer many memberships for both haircuts and beard trims.

Getting a haircut set up with us is a very easy and simple process. You can call us and get set up over the phone for one of those amazing haircuts and talk to our staff about what would go on with your first haircut. Getting a haircut set up as an elephant in the room should always be an easy process for you so do not hesitate to call us. Once you get set up for a haircut we will remind you 24 hours in advance with the text reminder as well as email reminders so that you do not feel left out and that’s we are always checking up to make sure that you can make your appointments.

If you would like a consistent haircut place that cares about you and makes sure that you can do your haircuts, then you can always reach out to us and get your $1 haircut scheduled today. You can reach out to us via phone line at (918) 877-2219 if that’s your preferred method of getting a hold of us. You can also text that same phone line if you are not necessarily wanting to talk with us but if you are wanting to get your services expedited quickly. You can also reach out to us on our website at eitrlounge.com so that you can fill out your information and get your haircut service taken care of as soon as necessary.

Tulsa Men’s Grooming Salon | Interesting Cuts for Exceptional People

Do you find that as an exceptional individual you are having a hard time finding Tulsa Men’s Grooming Salon ? Then look no further to the amazing experts down at elephant in the room Men’s Grooming Lounge. These amazing stylists have been in the industry for quite some time now and can get you set up for your haircut for just $1. We have that $1 cut for you so that you can trust us to give you a good haircut. If you do not end up liking the haircut, you only owe us $1 so it is not a huge deal for you and you don’t feel like you’re pressured to come back.

But if you just decide to come back to Tulsa Men’s Grooming Salon you will find some amazing services that will make you smile. We have a lot of services ranging not just from haircuts, but also to stuff like beard trims, there are brow waxes, you can get set up for grave lenses, goatee trims, or even some of our add-ons if you’re just looking for the spa experience. We are more than just a haircut place, we want to pamper all the individuals that come through our doors so that they feel amazing every time they walk into our lounge.

Tulsa Men’s Grooming Salon is here to service the Broken Arrow area, the Tulsa area, the OKC area, and the Edmond area. We want to serve these areas because we at each shop have found individuals that have been needing these haircuts. We also looked to give back to the community via Compassion International because we understand that our community is what makes us great, so we should give back. That $1 haircut ends up being donated to Compassion International to help them in their mission to support children in need.

Working with an elephant in the room is an outstanding experience as portrayed by the amazing reviews that we have at elephant in the room. You can always check us out online to see our video testimonials and understand what amazing things are going on at the elephant in the room for all of our clients. We have had 4,000 members and Counting who are still satisfied with the service that we provide for them, so we want to continue providing that service for the Tulsa area and we want to provide it for many other areas to come.

If being a part of a company that cares is a big priority for you then you can just always reach out to us through one of our many connections. You can always try and call us and get set up over the phone at (918) 877-2219. Or you can even reach out to us via text on that same method. An amazing way to get in contact with us would be to go to our website and fill out the form for your $1 haircut at eitrlounge.com . Filling out online is a great way to get your service expedited so that you were able to work with one of our professionals very quickly

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