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If you’re looking for the best Tulsa mens haircuts a little bit behind, then you need to look no further than a Elephant in Room. We recommend that you check out her about us page so you can see the elephant in the room story. Elephant room was founded in 2010 by Clay Clark and he decided he could turn this into a turnkey low-cost barber shop. There was a massive need for a high-end men’s grooming lounge in the Tulsa area in Elephant in Room. We recommend that you take us out as soon as you can with a packed schedule. Spots are limited, so book your appointment today.

The best Tulsa mens haircuts are available at Allison in Room. They began in 2010. Michele recognized the need for a turnkey barbershop in the Tulsa area. After consulting with oxy fresh founder Jonathan Barnett he realized this was possible. With Clay‘s focus on marketing and creating systems to make it a turnkey operational store, Jonathan Barnett, the founder of oxy fresh focused on franchising. As a result of this now there are five locations for elephant rooms. There are three in Tulsa, and two in Oklahoma City, so wherever you’re in the Oklahoma area, there is an elephant in the room near you.

The best Tulsa mens haircuts are available in Elephant in Room men’s grooming lounge. It is the highest rated and most reviewed men’s salon in the Oklahoma area. So if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, do you need to check out often as soon as you can. Your experience is going to be absolutely amazing there, from the moment you walk in, you’ll have a cold beverage in your hand if you want one. Then you’ll be Ready for your haircut. Our stylus is the top in the state and will make sure that your haircut looks absolutely incredible. You were going to love the way that you look.

After your initial haircut, you have a number of different add-on options. For your first visit, we will choose the add-ons for you, as they are the most popular. After your haircut, you will get a pair of hand wax that you absolutely love. After what you will go to the shampoo room to get an extended shampoo. This also involves an essential oil Scott massage, we can’t wait for you to experience what essential oils massage feels like. You absolutely love it, and you will feel the tingling sensation long after your haircut is over. We want to make sure that you enjoy your experience and enjoy the haircut you have and that is a guarantee.

Visit www.eitrlounge.com or give us a call at 833-348-7669 so you can get booked today. If you were looking for a one of a kind haircut experience that you can’t get anywhere else in the Tulsa, Oklahoma city area then we recommend you check out Allyson’s room today. We wanna make sure that you enjoy the experience so much that we offer your very first haircut for just one dollar. We know after this one time experience that you’re absolutely in love with an Elephant in Room men’s grooming lounge.

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If you were looking for the best Tulsa mens haircuts available, then elephant in the room men’s room lounge is the choice for you. If you visit our website, you will notice that your first visit is just one dollar. We want to offer this one dollar haircut so people can experience what it’s like. Most haircut places are not gonna give you the same kind of quality of customer service that you’re going to get here. Every time you walk in you will be greeted with a friendly face and a smile, along with a cold beverage. We wanna make sure that your experience is a pleasant one and not just a haircut itself too.

The best Tulsa mens haircuts are available in Elephant in Room men’s grooming lounge. The good news is there’s five locations as well. If you were looking for a great haircut, the elephant room is the choice for you. If you were also looking for an awesome customer service experience, the elf in the room is also the place for you. In addition to the cold beverage you were gonna walk through every step of the way during your first haircut. We will tell you what add-on options are to help you relax, and you will also get notes taken of your haircut so we can be sure to keep the same consistency after each visit.

The only place for Tulsa mens haircuts that you need to know about is Allison in Room men’s grooming line. With the notes that we take, we are gonna give you the same cut time and time again. If you wanna request a specific stylist, we can absolutely accommodate that. Even if you get a different stylist, the notes and the haircut will be the same. Every single one of our styles train at the exact same location, because we value consistency, across-the-board. We wanna make sure that you feel comfortable with the haircut you get and this is the best way to do that.

If you visit the downtown location, you’ll also notice that we have a back room. We added a video game console there as well so you can enjoy your time. You will not spend time waiting around, but if you do wanna stick around for a little longer and play some video games that is why we have that there for you. We want to make sure our waiting areas are comfortable and relaxing. That is why we have provided the video game console or downtown location and we will continue to look into possibilities for other locations as well.

To get your haircut experience started visit www.eitrlounge.com or call 833-348-7669 so we can get you booked today. We have an absolutely slammed schedule, but if you call us today we will make room for you. We are going to treat you like you are the only client there and we will make sure that you’re happy with your experience. Spots are filling up super quick so don’t wait too long and if price is an issue, don’t worry your first haircut is just one dollar.

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