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If you are looking to have a fade down and look no further than Tulsa men’s salon elephant in the room and screaming lounge. We are defining men’s grooming one haircut at the time and continues to be the number one nice reviewed and most trusted man screaming lunch and all of Tilson’s running areas. 918-877-2219 www.eitrlounge.com we want to be able to redefine what haircut would be savvy haircut is a gentleman and able to have the leisure in the in the relaxation that you need to get your hair cut faded shaving or whatever it is you’re looking for with also having great conversation with our great grooming confessionals.

Our grooming professionals are all trained in Houston and make sure that every single person is on her staff from the people who are calling on our call center from their very person that is cutting your hair and everybody grading it said that only one make sure you have a 100% great customer experience from the customer service to the comprehensive haircut Diaz the offer. Jackson looking to book a membership with us please feel free to give us a call in a call center and someone on the team membership team will get a hold of you be able to to go into more detail that were actually offering.

Health and iPhone www.eitrlounge.com. For additional information about Tulsa men salon look no further than Dallas and the room instrument nonchalantly offers fades great razor saves with select grooming professionals as well as essentials add-ons and memberships that we offering is whiny also if you’re actually looking for a place to get a quick clean up and you can come to elephant in the room’s been going on she will do free cleanup for you guaranteed.

918-877-2219 www.eitrlounge.com for additional information about health and the remains going on to what sets are from any other trimmings or haircut places that the fact that you’re actually getting a great customer service and actually you not have a gourmet specialist can continue to stop your haircut to answer the phone in the middle of your appointment. This is a 30 minute appointment that actually gets the back relax and have it either build Trenton near-term. Hand treatment essential oils, massage razor service face scrub and extended shampoo. The razor service is the nape shaved top of the beard and the hairline. Get any of these for five dollars but if you sign up for membership and you can get mad on any interest you to Adams with your membership. So anyway for forgiveness holiday.

Tulsa men’s salon elephant in the room men’s giving lodges redefining men’s haircuts all across the area. That’s my written high-speed must reviewed Ms. going lettermen stylist company in the state of Oklahoma. That is when people continue come to us first competition of the time. So if you’re looking for fate may be looking for straight razor shave nape shave on top of the beard shave or hairline or just out for a quick clean up with no further elephant in the room’s men grooming lot for located in downtown Tulsa South Austin broken arrow. To be looking set up an appointment please give us calling them to be able to offer morning afternoon time going to either one of our locations to get that taken care of for you today. 918-877-2219 www.eitrlounge.com.

Tulsa Men’s Salon | Choose From Our Additional Add-ons

Tulsa men’s salon elephant in the room men’s grooming lunch has additional add-ons to choose from and we can help you choose that. But of course the X out for three sets of membership that you have are are welcome to choose from. And of course we can tell you more bicep going online and or by calling our grooming professionals 918-877-2219 are going to our website www.eitrlounge.com safer disinformation about they haircut experience here at Alpine the room men’s coming logic and become a member and get discounted rates by distantly doing a month-to-month program reconnects to come and sit down with a number of argument one of our grooming for health professionals and get them onto contract beverage consultation tailored haircut shampoo plus a massage as well as a condition plus massage hot towel fleet face moisturizer plus massage and a style. That’s a standard member or nonmember.

But of course the most popular’s are deluxe and you can execute that for member or nonmember in a month-to-month no contract beverage consultation tailored haircut shampoo and conditioner massage hot towel face moisturizer massage tile and then you can choose for two add-ons are to add-ons are add-ons they can choose from her paraffin hand treatment essential oils, massage razor service face scrub and extended shampoo and you get 10% off all products. We do our products in Houston as well as our grooming professionals are trained in house of Jackson looking to matter what if you could have go to your location you know that all her training professionals are trained the exact same way seeking the beginning a famous there is just a different conversation from a different face.

In all our grooming professionals are fantastic and incredible people make continued strength always have the best customer service is ever single time. So we are now offering haircuts for sons for your boys that are 12 and up in the disclaimer that parent must be present at all times for this haircut for your son that’s 12 years or older.

918-877-2219 www.eitrlounge.com. Tulsa men’s salon. Then additional services essentials that people are always taking up and the people who are looking to call they are always in a chat they can actually schedule a first haircut for only one dollar. Also book online you can book via text message and you know some book via phone. We have a great number of people who are ready on the phones ready and willing to take your phone call to set you up with a morning or afternoon phone call or haircut for your first cellar is your first time. But it’s not the first time and you can schedule your usual appointment for a standard deluxe or premium package haircut.

Tulsa men’s salon has additional add-ons to choose from especially if you are first-time, you’ve never been Dallas and the remains going lunch but you heard a lot of people talk about it a lot of the things you actually sent in the first haircut for only one dollar that is our no-brainer offering you can take advantage of it today leave needed textus you message us online or you can call today. 918-877-2219 www.eitrlounge.com.

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