Welcome to the Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge, the home of the “Best Haircuts in Tulsa, Oklahoma.”

At the Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge, we specialize in providing the very best men’s haircut experience with Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Montana. If you are sincerely interested completely transforming your look you need to stop by and visit us today. What makes the EITR Lounge so unique?

The Lounge offers five unique benefits that you simply cannot find anywhere else in the region.
1 – We focus on attention to detail – Most budget focused haircut businesses in Tulsa force you to sit down and read old copies of People Magazine and US Weekly while you wait in line for your name to be called. Once you sit down, you will be rushed through the haircut because the business model is built around the concept of cutting as many heads of hair per day as possible at a discounted rate. At the Elephant In The Room, we offer a premium service which means that you will never feel rushed and that we frankly charge enough per customer to focus on quality rather than quantity.

2 – We treat each customer the way we want to be treated – When you get your haircut at the EITR Lounge you can expect a quality conversation and a quality cut. We don’t talk your ears off about local gossip, controversial political view points and things that will irritate you. We want to create a relaxing environment where you can go to sleep while you have a paraffin hand dip and relax as we treat you to an extended shampoo complete with essential oils that will make your scalp cry for more.

3 – We offer straight razor shaves and hot towel treatments – If you are looking for a straight razor shave the thought can be scary. A dude or a non-dude holding a blade up to your jugular might be enough to scare most people off, but this service can be relaxing if done properly. We staff grooming professionals who are certified in their craft and who are highly motivated to make you feel comfortable so that you will want to come back and bring your friends.

4 – We staff style consultants and not just barbers and hair stylists – Our grooming style consultants will help you find the look that is best for your face shape and your head shape. Unfortunately many haircut businesses do not do this which is why there are so many dudes running around with some crazy haircuts. If you have a mullet we can help. No offense to anyone who is choosing to rock the mullet or the “Michael Bolton.”

5 –  Our environment is designed to give men the modern rustic “man cave” ambiance they love –  When you walk into the EITR Lounge you will feel like you are walking into the “man-cave” of Chuck Norris. The walls are covered with historic barn wood, the exposed concrete and rafters feel like “Austin Texas” and the music is designed to create an upbeat atmosphere that is “Katie Perry” free.

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