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 Having trouble seeing the world through an optimistic lens? Ask yourself, “When was the last time I downed some carrots and tomatoes?” Based on a recent Psychosomatic Medicine journal study, people with a positive outlook on life eat more carotenoids. These are the antioxidants that cause fruits and veggies to have brighter pigment.
Researchers took blood from 982 volunteers, with the objective measure their levels of antioxidants. After a series of questions that included a questions about their optimist, their results showed that people that tend to view their future with optimism  had 13 percent higher levels of carotenoids than people with a negative outlook. They also found that the “positive” people ate three or more servings of produce on a daily basis.
Carotenoids neutralize free-radicals: molecules that damage cells in your body, and are also related with causing cancer and diabetes. In turn, researchers speculate that higher levels of antioxidants are possibly a result of a persons psychological well-being.
 The verdict: increase your fresh veggie and fruit intake. Not only you will you be healthier, but it will have a positive effect on your attitude.


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