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Here at EITR Lounge we love quality and timeless style. Two elements that we try to incorporate into everything that we do. Like a pair of quality hand-made dress shoes or a perfectly tailored suit, quality and attention to detail beat out trends any day. Our society, it seems, has gotten away from these elements. So in an effort to combat the evil “throwaway” society that has become, EITR Lounge will be carrying quality goods and accessories. Presenting: Billykirk! A brand we know and love.

Brothers Chris and Kirk Bray began producing leather goods in Los Angeles, CA in 1999. Beginning with a simple leather strap, Billykirk was founded on the desire to make lasting items that get better with age. A decade later their collection has grown extensively to include bags, belts, shoes, wallets, hats and other accessories. Now partnered with three US-based manufacturers, Billykirk has been located on the East Coast since 2005. Most of their small leather goods and bags are handmade by in-house artisans or by Amish leather crafters in Pennsylvania.

Sold throughout the world, Chris and Kirk remain focused on designing goods that are understated and function driven. This keep-it-simple design philosophy isn’t led by trends but rather an appreciation for utility, longevity and provenance. Billykirk leather goods are now available at EITR Lounge.

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