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A look behind the scenes gives you a peek into the world of Edwin Jagger. Where every piece is made by hand and every detail is taken seriously. Their shaving tools are among the finest in the world, matching or surpassing anything else on the market. Wether it be a quality safety razor or a pure badger brush, owning one of Edwin Jagger’s pieces sets you apart from today’s “average guy.” In a world where quantity is valued over quality, at EITR Lounge we want you to have both.

Now that you’ve acquired the worlds best shaving tools. Here is a challenge on how to get the most out of them

THE 2 MINUTE SHAVE by Edwin Jagger

2. 00 minutes: Run a large bowl of hot water to prepare.
1.50 minutes: Take a steaming hot towel with perhaps a spray of your favorite cologne, fold it in half and hold it to your face for about 15 seconds.
1.45 minutes: Immerse your Edwin Jagger badger hair shaving brush in the hot water.
1.30 minutes: Shake off excess water and dip the tip of your shaving brush into a favourite Edwin Jagger shaving cream. Then whip up a rich, creamy lather in your palm or shaving bowl. The shaving cream is very concentrated so only use a little for each shave.
1.25 minutes: Using a circular motion lather your face building up a rich layer of soft warm cleansing foam
1.05 minutes: Dip your razor in the hot water. Start by the sideburns and shave with the growth of your beard. Down on the cheek area, sideways near the top and bottom lip and in the direction of the growth under the chin. With a wet soapy hand feel for any missed hairs before you continue.
30 seconds: Almost there!
25 seconds: Rinse your face with cool, clean water and gently pat dry with a clean dry towel.
10 seconds: Apply a small amount of Edwin Jagger Moisturizing Aftershave to your face massaging gently into the newly shaven and exfoliated skin.
Finished Now that you look and feel fantastic, you can go about conquering the world!

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