When You Are Great Your Wallet Will Be In Better Shape As Well

  • In 2001, MD Anderson Cancer Center focused on improving the overall health of their employees. Within 6 years, lost work days declined by 80% and modified-duty days by 64%. Cost savings, calculated by multiplying the reduction in lost days by average pay rates, totaled $1.5 million; worker’s comp insurance premiums declined by 50%.


  • What does this mean for you?
              Being overweight is expensive. It simply costs more money to pay for increased medical care, a large increase in food consumption and the all of the physical and mental side effects that begin to arise once one has become obese. However, once you get yourself in great shape you will find that you will be more productive than ever. Your self confidence will soar, and so will your communication skills.
  • So now that I know I need to get in great shape, where do I go?
             Go where you can get the accountability and motivation you need and deserve. Don’t just sign-up for a membership at the nearest gym. Instead invest the time in looking for a great partner who is committed to helping you get to the next level. If you need to hire a personal trainer, do that to. It’s worth every penny to live longer and stronger.
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