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An important part of looking good is being in shape. Being in shape, however, is easier said than done. It requires exercising regularly and eating well. But by targeting certain areas of your body and following the next few tips, you can kick-start your way towards looking better in your clothes you wear.

Tip #1 Blast the Shoulders

If you are lacking in the upper body department, work out your delts and traps to get some width and size. Exercises: 1.Dumb Bell Clean  2.Barbell Z Press. Targeting you shoulders will make your  mid section look narrower. Which brings us to our next tip.

Tip #2 Target Stomach Fat

By eating clean and targeting the waistline, you will create that prominent V-shape upper body, and by getting leaner your muscles will look more defined. Reduce cards in your diet for a few weeks.

Tip #3 Boost the Upper Back

Most guys kill them selves doing bench press. But a wider upper back has a better impact in looking better than a big chest alone. Do chin ups and pull downs along with rows and over head squats to  get that wider back. Your not only look better, but stand taller too.

Tip #4 Strengthen Your Legs

Targeting your legs not only keeps you well balanced and proportioned, but by working out your biggest muscles, it will give the rest of your body a boost. Having prominent quads and glutes also portrays a more athletic physique. Have a go at elevated foot squats and RDL’s to get your glutes and quads pumping.

Tip #5 The Right Fit

Proper fitting clothes is absolutely key in looking better. Most American men make the mistake of wearing clothes that are too loose simply because the clothes are comfortable or because they themselves are insecure. Having your clothes tailored to your body goes a long way in looking your best.


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