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Introducing EITR Lounge’s “Man Of The Month!” Every month or so we will be featuring a Q&A with an outstanding and stylish individual from our community! This month we are featuring Michael Grogan, meteorologist for KOTV-The News on 6.


Name: Michael Grogan

Occupation: Meteorologist for KOTV- The News on 6

Born and raised?  June 4, 1985. Born and raised a Tulsan!

How long have resided in Tulsa?  A year and a half (after 7 years in Indiana and Maryland)

Favorite local restaurants and hangouts? I have to break it down by category:

  • All-time restaurant – Lanna Thai
  • Mexican – El Guapo & Ricardo’s
  • Italian – Villa Ravenna
  • Casual American – Blue Rose Cafe
  • Sushi – Yokozuna
  • Hangouts: Mayo Hotel Penthouse, McNellie’s, Vintage 1740, Woodward Park, Shades of Brown, Andy B’s, and, of course, the EITR Lounge.

What does the word “Gentleman” mean to you? It means both selflessness and confidence. It’s the man who is both humble and bold and has the greatest respect for others. A gentleman knows when to speak, how to act, and why it’s so important to always put your best foot forward. He follows through on commitments and stands his ground in the face of adversity.  When it comes to style, a gentleman knows the difference between “swag” and class. A gentleman is concerned with his outward portrayal, but has the inward depth so that his image isn’t just a facade.

Who or what inspires your style? I take inspiration from a number of places: magazines, on-line blogs like TheStyleBlogger, The Dapper Style and Dappered, and other peers around town or when I travel. As a broadcaster, I have to keep my style somewhat generic on-air.  But I always try to add an edgy element to the way I dress whether it’s with a skinny tie and tie bar a pocket square, or some wild-patterned socks.  It’s not about being flashy to me, but about paying attention to the details like how the clothes fit that make you stand out.  There are a number of guys in my profession who are good inspirations like ESPN anchor Jesse Palmer and Ryan Seacrest who, like them or not, seem to know about the details that matter.

Do you have any grooming tips? Other than getting one of the guys at EITR to cut your hair on a regular basis… find the best hair product that works for you.  For years, I would just put gobs of the same kind of gel in my hair. I later learned that there are all sorts of products that work better for the style you want. Take the time to find out what works the best for you and you won’t unintentionally look like a porcupine or like a wet mop.

Who is your role model or mentor? My dad and granddad are my two biggest role models.  My dad is a leader and always has a level head.  He earns the respect of others by truly caring for their needs and is incredibly full of wisdom.  My granddad came from an extremely modest background in a small town in Oklahoma.  Through his incredible work ethic, networking skills, and uncompromising ability to do what’s right in tough situations where his reputation was on the line, he was able to rise towards the top of a major oil company. He traveled and lived all around the world, raised an awesome family, and gained a wealth of experiences that continue to inspire me today.

Favorite motivational/self-help book? As a Christian, the Bible is probably my most important motivational tool. It’s amazing how stories that are over 2,000 years old can be so relevant to our lives today.  I also got a lot of the book called Wild at Heart by John Eldredge. It encourages men to reinvigorate their passions and see life for what it is – a grand adventure. It addresses the nature of the man’s soul through a Christian lens and inspires me to fully pursue the passions God has given me.

How do you value  your time/what does time mean to you? Time is fleeting and I’m always battling not to waste it in my own life. For me, time with family and friends are most important, followed closely by time pursuing my career and other goals in life.  Sometimes, I have to remember not to be a slave to the clock and allow time to relax as well – something I’m still learning how to do!  I’m usually on the go (hence my Twitter handle – @GroganontheGO) so I am always seeking to the right balance among my priorities. Time can definitely be seen as an enemy, but can be your best tool if you manage it correctly. It’s amazing what you can do in short amounts of time if you’re under pressure. My goal is to be nearly that productive without being a procrastinator!

Words of advice for aspiring men: At the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy, take time to figure out what you’re all about. Sometimes I have to sit down and figure out what my goals and priorities are, which often point to what’s most important in my life. If you don’t like what you see, change it!  I’ve started keeping a journal as a New Year’s resolution a few years back, and it has helped me to gain insight into who I am and given me direction to where I want to go. If writing’s not your thing, just take time to reflect on your life. It will give you a better appreciation for how you’re blessed and what you can change.  That and a grounded faith will help you build the foundation for an enriching life. A strong foundation built upon who you really are allows you to project confidence and live a life others admire.

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