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By Jose Cisneros

When I was about 13 years old I was given a pair of used, Ralph Lauren leather lace-up boots from the early 90s. That style of boot was very popular where I grew up (the equivalent of a pair of Air Jordans in Chicago or a pair of Timberland boots in Harlem). At the time, they were too big for me, but I still wore them on a regular basis and eventually I grew into them. For years, I wore those things almost every day. And every weekend, I would clean them religiously and condition the leather carefully. I took care of them and they took care of me. The leather never ripped, the soles stayed intact and I would constantly get compliments on them. Eventually I handed them down to someone like they had been handed down to me.

Since then, as a working adult, I have purchased a pair identical to that of which I had growing up. I still wear them almost every day, and regularly get compliments on them. Yet one thing stands out to me, the quality is no longer the same. Though still a great boot, they aren’t quite the same as their early 90s counterparts. The leather isn’t quite as thick, and the soles aren’t as cushioned. They just feel different.

Society, it seems, has since evolved into a mass producing, cookie cutting machine where quality has taken a backseat to profit. Real quality, even among high priced “designer” brands is hard to find. So when I heard about an up and coming brand of “quality” leather goods I was a bit skeptical. I heard things like “100% handmade, Made in America” and “100% hand stitched.” I had to check this out for myself….

When I finally had the chance to lay eyes upon one of their masterfully handcrafted pieces, it was rather unexpected. While having a barbershop conversation my buddy pulled out his 2 year old, No. 153 Billykirk tan leather wallet! The way it had aged was magical! Broken in and stained from daily contact with raw denim gave it unique characteristics. Characteristics that can’t be duplicated or bought!

With all that being said, when EITR Lounge set out to provide it’s customers the best accessories on the market. It was only obvious that Billykirk would make the cut! Leather goods of this quality can’t be picked up at your local mall or outlet, and that’s what we are looking for. Items that will stand the test of time.

Needless to say, at EITR Lounge, we couldn’t be more excited to be carrying Billykirk.

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