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Most men, like you, want to kick off 2013 right. You’ve written your resolutions, you’ve got your work out plan ready to go… But how much thought has gone into what you will be eating this year? Well here at EITR we are here to help! Here is a small list of fat friends and enemies.

We will begin with the 5 worst foods to eat when planning to loose fat. These are foods actively promote fat gain. They either are too easy to convert to fat or they disrupt your hormonal balancing mechanism that telling your body to store fat rather than to burn it.

Excessively consuming foods that contain high levels of omega 6 fatty acid in them promote inflammation, which can lead to fat storage and swelling of fat cells. Add foods with trans-fats or that promote insulin and you have a recipe for disaster. Avoid vegetable oil, cake, pies, donuts,and any other pastries.

Pizzas contain highly refined-wheat content. They combine the fat promoting effects of a pro-inflammatory gluten grains and saturated fats. To reduce the effect begin by using a thin base and topping it extra proteins and veggies.

But enough of the bad foods lets focus on what can actually help you! beginning with fish oils! Fish oils trigger fat burning genes and also shrink fat cells. Also adding the supplement CLA, which is a fat that occurs naturally in grass fed beef.

Green tea has been helping our friends in Asia out-live their western counterparts for many years. Adding it to your diet is a good idea as it help increase metabolism and burn fat. As well as acting as an anti-cancer agent to better thought clarity. Also nothing is more important than increasing you veggie intake. No need for a multi-vitamin when you are mixing up you greens.

Finally add some whey to your diet. Whey protein helps balance your body’s composition when combined with regular exercise.

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