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As you say goodbye to 2012 and say hello to 2013, you will undoubtedly be recording your resolutions and lay out a plan for the new year. To help you stay looking good as you get back into shape and take on the world we are featuring GQ’s top 5 trends that are sticking around for 2013.
 1.The Sports Coat
The most essential item in your wardrobe isn’t going to be any less important come 2013. The piece’s importance is only surpassed by its versatility; the sports jacket can be dressed up or dressed down for a day at work or an easy night out, without losing an ounce of sharpness throughout.
 2. The Colorful Parka
If you plan to invest in one outerwear piece, make it a parka. The outerwear style is going to give you the most bang for your buck, as a good one will protect the highest-twist wool shoulders from the elements, while injecting some eye-catching color into you seven-day-a-week wardrobe.
3. The Brown Suit
What will brown do for you? Turns out a whole hell of a lot. It gives your basic navys and grays a break with the neutral hue that will make even the most staid shirt and tie pairing look fresh.
4. The Double Breasted Suit
The DB has officially shifted from fashion-forward to the mainstream this year, and we couldn’t be happier. The bold silhouette demands attention, whether closing a deal or a bar tab, and it becomes the ultimate power suit when paired with an equally powerful shirt and tie.
5.The Three-Piece Suit
The classic three-piece came charging back this year, cut trimmer and shorter than its predecessors and proving that even the most traditional menswear can look just as modern as any of the hottest trends given the proper combinations.
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