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Go beyond the normal barber shop Tulsa experience

At Elephant in the Room, every mammal receives classic and traditional haircuts, straight razor shaves and great conversation. The barbershop in Tulsa has been widely received by media sources since it opened in early 2012. These media sources include Tulsa World Newspaper, Tulsa People Magazine, Tulsa Business Journal and several others. The leadership teams include the SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and the Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year. Professionalism is the ideology that keeps Elephant in the Room on the path to be one of the most successful barbershops ever to hit Tulsa. Learn more about us on our website or simply walk in.

The moment you walk into Elephant in the Room you’ll be taken back by the classic barber shop feel. But is not completely vintage. We have taken our own modern twist to reinvent an idea and refresh the Glory Days of Tulsa barber shops. Dark wood makes up the walls while dark furnishings surrounded the lounge along with custom counter tops. You’ll automatically feel relaxed as you step into Elephant in the Room and are taken back decades ago were taken care of how you look was part of being a man. Your greeted with a friendly smile, a handshake and a cold beverage of your choice.

After going over the services and the grooming packages you then are more than welcome to pull up in one of our antique leather grooming chairs. Every package comes with a hot towel facial treatment, a scout massage and a cold brew. We offer you straight razor shaves that goes well beyond your average home shaving experience provided by yourself. This is your chance to receive her shave that is closer and cleaner than anything you’ve ever experienced. We guarantee that everyone of our customers walkout feeling refreshed and more confident and when they walked in. You customize the package and you get exactly what you want it Elephant in the Room.

The services that are provided also include custom tailored haircuts, a shampoo, scout massage, straight edge neck shave, hand detailing treatment, beard sculpting and so many other add-ons. This is your opportunity to choose, treat and customize your perfect and ideal grooming package. No other barber shop in Tulsa provide you with as many options and as many services as Elephant in the Room. The moment you walk in the door your taken back by the service in the quality that our barber shop in Tulsa is. You could relax and feel completely secure in the barbers that will be taken care of you the moment you sit down one of our chairs.

Our barbers are professionals and know exactly what they’re doing while holding that straight razor edge. They understand the latest trends in contemporary styling and will leave you looking better than when you walk in. Where most Tulsa salon’s simply cut your hair as fast and as cheaply as possible our barbers shape the beard and the hair according to your facial features. We want to haircut and the shaves to extend you wait what’s already there. Don’t think of this is just normal Tulsa barbers. Think of us as craftsmen and artist looking to produce a masterpiece that is every client that walks through our door. Go beyond the normal barber shop Tulsa experience with Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge in Oklahoma. We hope to see you soon.

Elephant in the Room’s experience starts the moment you walk in

Professional, outstanding and professional are the words that men of Tulsa are using to describe Elephant in the Room Barber shop in Tulsa. Elephant in the Room promises and guarantees excellent customer service with no fuss. We bring the best of ourselves and 100% of our efforts with every client. For us it’s about providing experience and a customizable grooming package that fits the needs of our customers. We do not lower our standards of quality to produce the cheapest and quickest haircuts. We provide something that hasn’t been seen in Tulsa for decades. Elephant in the Room experience starts the moment you walk through the door at either our downtown Tulsa location or our newly opened South Tulsa location.

What what will you receive at Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge? The answer is simple. You’ll receive absolutely superb quality cuts, straight razor shaves and some of the finest men’s grooming products in Tulsa. You step into a shop designed and custom tailored to men. This is no ordinary Barber shop in Tulsa Oklahoma. This is a step back in time were taking care of how you look and feel was a normal part of being a man. believes that it’s time that men start stepping up and stepping out to make an effort to look their very best so they can over exceeds the expectations of everyone they come in contact with. Look, dress and feel who you want to be at the top Barber shop in Tulsa.

What are the services provided at Elephant in the Room? When you walk into our Barber shop in Tulsa you’ll find a list of services that you can pick and choose from. Part of the experience of Elephant in the Room is to customize your grooming package so that it provides the services that you desire. The services that are provided include traditional and classic haircuts, straight razor shaves, normal hot shaves, and trends. The unique treatments that are provided include hot towel facial treatments, hand detailing treatments, scalp massages, straight edge neck shaves, gray blending, beard sculpting, face toner’s, face cleansers and many other add-ons that are available for every client.

All of our barbers are professionally trained and schooled in traditional haircuts as well as up-to-date with the contemporary styles. At Elephant in the Room we never change who you are. But we do pride ourselves on revealing that confident and good-looking man that hides behind all that hair and perhaps a haircut gone bad. At our Barber shop in Tulsa we create an Avenue for men to look, feel and be the best that they can be. We overdeliver because we want to give you, our clients, the opportunity to overdeliver in every aspect of your life. Because of the success that we have experienced we want to pass on the key components of that success to our customers. Feel, look and be the best that you can be one of the top Barber shops in Tulsa Oklahoma.

The Elephant in the Room experience starts the moment you walk through our glass doors. Overtaken by the Senate, the smell, the feel and the professionalism. This is the reason why the Elephant in the Room is the number one Barber shop for men in Tulsa Oklahoma. Professionalism, outstanding service and the highest quality provided by the top barbers in Oklahoma. Find out more online or give us a call today at 918 – 877 – 2219. You won’t regret the experience or the service that you pay for the moment you walk into Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge. Were all about quality and attention to detail at the shop.

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