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The Place For Haircuts In Bixby

This Content Was Written for Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Room is a men’s grooming lounge that started in the heart of Tulsa Oklahoma. It was founded by . He had a vision of providing not just another barbershop but a grooming lounge. He wanted to be a place where men could not only get the best haircuts Bixby but also receive an experience. The ultimate goal of this barbershop is cater to men. Our team works tirelessly to ensure of our customers receive the best possible experience the moment they walked through the door. Since opening our doors we have been featured in some of the top publications throughout the country including Success Magazine. Schedule your appointment today by giving us a call at 918-877-2219. We look forward to hearing from.

Elephant in the Room stands out above the rest for several different reasons but one that stands out is our membership packages. Our goal is not only to provide you with the best haircuts in Bixby but also ensure that these haircuts are cost effective. We understand that for business professionals and entrepreneurs they always want to look at their absolute best. We understand that that might require coming in and getting a haircut a couple times a month. So with our membership package you pay a flat rate every month and have access to all of the benefits here the grooming lounge.

The membership is month to month. There’s absolutely no sign of the and you can use it at all of our Elephant in the Room locations. We encourage our members to book their time in advance and we put you above normal customers. We are excited to provide you with all of the top benefits here at our grooming. It was the dream of the team and the founder to ensure that this was a place that men could feel comfortable and walk away feeling confident. This is a barbershop that truly stands above the rest in quality, professionalism and precision.

Most of our services that we provide include beard trims, nape shapes, straight razor shaves and of course haircuts. We want to provide you with everything you need to look fresh and to look good. It is our hope that you will always feel confident the moment you walk out of our doors. We want to get to know you on a personal level and understand your goals so that we can better serve you. People decide to stay with us because of our attention to detail and the professional team that will bring on board.

We are proud to provide a variety of packages and memberships to not only fit your needs but to also fit your budget. We are proud to encourage our customers to try different benefits to see which ones are most beneficial in their lives. We understand that not everybody is the same and everyone has different goals. We want to cater to help you meet and achieve those goals through the way you look.

Quality Haircuts in Bixby

This Content Was Written for Elephant in the Room

Elephant In the Room provides the top quality haircuts in Bixby and surrounding areas. They first started in 2012 and have been providing tailored haircuts to men all across the city. Since that time they’ve also been featured in Success Magazine, Tulsa World, Tulsa People, and have been put on the Tulsa People A List. Elephant in the Room strongly believes that there should be a place just for men for them to get their hair cut, the trim and walk out looking good. If you are ready to have the top haircut that you’ve ever had please give us a call today at 918-877-2219.

One of the top things that Elephant in the Room provides is our month-to-month membership. This is one of the most unique things that we do as a barbershop. We understand that you always want to keep your look fresh and clean especially if you’re in the professional world. The benefits of our memberships are endless. We are proud not only to provide haircuts in Bixby but also to get made on a month by month membership that allows them to not only save money but get haircuts when they need.

One of the top things about having a membership is that we put you ahead of just the regular customers. You are number one priority because you are consistently paying us every month and looking to look good all the time. Our membership package is very popular among professionals, businessmen, entrepreneurs and people who are trying to make a statement with their look. The ultimate goal of our barbershop is to make sure that you look good and have the confidence you need to achieve high success in your work or in your business. We absolutely understand that the weight of the world perceives you is how they will receive you.

Seven services that we offer go far beyond just haircuts. We also provide beard trims, neck shapes, hot towel treatments, scalp massage, and so much more. And the moment you walk in you receive a 100% absolutely free beverage of your choice. We have everything from soda to beer to water. We not only want you to have the best and top haircut experience in the city but to also enjoy a refreshing beverage why you wait. This is why our barbershop is one of the top in the entire city and possibly the state. If you have any more questions about her membership package or what kind of services we provide please call us today.

Elephant in the Room provides haircuts in Jenks, Bixby, Tulsa, and Owasso for all the men who are looking to take their look to the next level. We believe in quality customer service and also providing you with tailored haircuts that are professional and can’t be gotten anywhere else. If you’re ready to finally have that haircut that you deserve we invite you to come out and check the barbershop out to see what you think. Who knows? This could be your next second home.

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