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At Elephant in the Room, it’s all about you and your style. Soda? Coffee? Beer? Every time you get your hair cut at elephant in the room they will give you a complimentary beverage of your choice. Even a snack! That is one of the many things that set them apart from other hairstylists in the business. When it comes to haircuts in Tulsa, there is simply no one like Elephant in the Room. They are the best choice for men in the Tulsa area to get their hair cut in for all of their grooming needs.

Not only can you get quality haircuts in Tulsa from Elephant in the Room, you can also pick up all of your shaving products, shampoo, and hairstyling products. It’s great to have all of these items in one centralized location. Because as we all know, men like things simple. The simpler the better! At Elephant in the Room, they have taken everything that men love and put it all into one place. The experience that you get at elephant in the Room will keep you coming back for all of your hair cut and grooming needs.

Most barbers these days don’t even use shaving cream and a razor on men anymore. All you get at most places is a quick shave with an electric trimmer that leaves you feeling dry and scratchy. Nothing is worse than that. Especially when you are paying money for what is supposed to be a valuable product and experience. At Elephant in the Room, they take their time when taking care of your hair and beard. They use hot shaving cream and straight razors to make sure they get the closest possible trim on the back of your neck and for your facial hair.

They not only provide extremely great shaves, they also offer wonderful customer service. Their customer service is so fantastic that you’ll want to tell all of your friends and family about this great business that you found for haircuts in Tulsa. They are much better than your average barber or hairstylists. For one thing they are actually geared toward men. Finally, men to have a great option for quality hairstylists in the Tulsa area. Look no further than this great company. You will not be disappointed and they will always meet your needs as a client and take care of your hair.

You can set up an appointment over the phone or you can come in to meet with one of their representatives to discuss your needs for a haircut. They offer monthly packages to meet the needs of all of their clients no matter how often you need to be groomed. Their grooming services are elite and are simply the best for haircuts in Tulsa. You can visit them on the web to find out more. Their website is www.eitrlounge.com. They have two great locations in downtown Tulsa area to meet all of your needs. Head on over today and get your head taken care of!

Is There an Elephant in the Room?

Is there an elephant in the room? You may not know what I’m talking about so I will tell you. The elephant in the room is your bad haircut that was a result of you choosing the wrong hairstylist for your last haircut. But fear no more! It’s time for a much-needed change in your choice for haircuts in Tulsa. The founders of Elephant in the Room have developed a business that is unlike any other in the industry in truly caters to its customers: men. Finally, there is a fantastic option for men to receive quality grooming and the Tulsa area.

Customer service at Elephant in the Room is what this business is all about. They go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that your haircut experience is top notch every time. For the stylists at Elephant in the Room, you are more than the number. You are a valuable customer in the wonderful person who they want to get to know. In order for you to keep coming back to hairstylist, you not only have to like the haircut that you also have to enjoy the experience that was created. Elephant in the Room knows this very well.

They are so professional in the way they cut hair that you won’t even believe it until you see it. They aren’t like most barbers who just try to get the job done as quick as possible and get mad at you if you don’t tip enough. At Elephant in the Room, it’s all about you and your hair. The stylists truly want to make you look your best so they always stay up-to-date on the newest hairstyles. They also research other companies that provide haircuts in Tulsa so they know their competition better than anyone else.

When a company cares about you so much, it’s impossible for you to have a bad experience while using their product. Speaking of products, Elephant in the Room offers many great hair products for men. Whether you like your hair gelled, spiked, or coiffed, they have the exact hairstyle product that is right for you. What’s great about that is that you can take care of all of your grooming needs in one location. They even have high quality shaving products available for purchase. You can also get a nice clean shave while you are there.

If you want to experience the absolute best haircuts in Tulsa every time you get a haircut then you need to come to Elephant in the Room. They are a fantastic business and they serve fantastic clients. Their service is what sets them apart from all other businesses and what makes them rise above the competition. They consistently please their customers and are never given bad reviews. You can trust Elephant in the Room to take care of your hair and all of your grooming needs.


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