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Complete Your Look and Get a Brand-New Style

This Content Was Written for the Haircuts Tulsa Experts at Elephant In The Room

Some guys are not aware that getting a good haircut is very important. Unlike girls who could do lots of stuff to look good, us men only have three major areas that we could improve on: First is by making our bodies fit, second is by improving one’s face by minimizing acne and third is by getting a great haircut. Interestingly, a lot of us tend to neglect the latter which is by far the easiest thing to do. Your hair is as important as any part of your body. It gives you personality and character. Want to look like an emo? A rockstar? A model? Or perhaps a sportstar? Have your hair done and you’d surely look like the character you most want to be like. Call the experts at Elephant in the Room today to have a great men’s haircut right here in the city of Tulsa. We can complete your look or get you started on a brand-new stylish you. Haircuts Tulsa have never been more readily available to the men that are looking to up their game and look better than ever before. Call us today to set up an appointment with one of our professional stylists.

There are some haircuts which look good on others but don’t look good on you and vice versa. This is because the shape of your face will determine whether a certain hairstyle will look good on you or not. So choosing one recommended by the barber or stylist is essential. Always be sure to come into elephant in the room for your style guides. We have great fashion advice and we can help men get the right look for their type of face. There are so many different options in the world haircutting, and now you have access to all of them right here in your own hometown of Tulsa. Men’s haircuts are readily available for those who are looking for them in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. We have to unique locations which can help you find the right look no matter where you are in the great city of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

You’ll find that this is one of the finest barbershops ever to hit Tulsa Oklahoma. It has been named home of the best Tulsa barbershop in Oklahoma and is the number one choice for men all over downtown and soon South Tulsa. Our purpose is to make sure that your treated like an absolute king and you leave feeling more confident in yourself. Our services are provided and listed on our website which we encourage you to check out. A few the services include hot shaves, straight razor cuts, tailored custom haircuts, hot towel toner, shampoo, hand detail and so many more it’s like ordering off the ultimate man grooming menu. This is your opportunity to tell your wife that you’re going out and you won’t be back for a while. Watch your favorite sports teams or simply fall asleep as you get treated like a king of Oklahoma.

went to cosmetology school because he believed that there was a better experience when it came to men’s professional haircuts than what was being offered in the world today. With over five years of learning and equipping himself as a cosmetologist he then opened elephant in the room in the year 2012. When you type in best Tulsa men’s haircuts you are guaranteed to see elephant in the room come up first and foremost.

Drink a Beer and Look Better Than Ever

This Content Was Written by the Haircuts Tulsa Experts at Elephant In The Room

Come in and experience the relaxing in quality environment that we provide. We were started by the grooming professional and haircut expert. He has a passion that started back in college where he attended Oral Roberts University. He then went on to cosmetology school and traveled around learning from the best salons in the area. When he was ready to open up his own establishment, he got into contact with Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year and Metro Chamber Of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark to start Elephant in the Room.

Not only have we been seen in Tulsa world, Tulsa people, CBS, and the record Journal, but we are a company that has grown into one of the most successful and sought after Haircuts Tulsa services in the city. From the moment we opened our doors second 2012, we been offering a cold beverage of your choice and an amazing Make you look better than ever before. The ultimate goal of our business is to provide the best man cave and placed in the city where men can be themselves. If you’re interested in receiving our services, give us a call today and experience Elephant in the Room. Our numbers 918-877-2219.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with more than just another run-of-the-mill Haircuts Tulsa. We want to give you an experience that will leave you astounded. When you walk through our doors you’ll see that we pride ourselves on the details that we provide for every service. If you’re looking for a quick and simple haircut, elephant in the room may not be the place for you. But if you’re looking for an experience that will change the way you think about male grooming, give us a call today. We provide more than just a tailored haircut. We have many add-ons that you can choose from include straight razor heads, and trim, hot Treatment, net shaves, and much much more.

At Elephant in the Room, we do not focus on trying to cut corners in reduce quality, we instead are here to give you a high quality haircut. We provide an experience in giving men exactly what they need. This is a place to get away from the hustle and bustle, relax, and walked out looking your best. We believe in an era when men cared about the way they looked and we want to bring back the way that things used to be. Come in and experience Elephant in the Room and ask about our memberships today.

If you have any more questions please visit us online or simply give us a call today. We will be more than happy to answer your questions and give you exactly what you want from start to finish. The moment you choose us as your Haircuts Tulsa provider, you’ll be greeted with the firm handshake and a cold beverage. This is your place where you can spend the day relaxing and receiving the royal treatment right here in downtown Tulsa. Call us today, visit us online, or simply stop by and check out our facility.


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