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Experience great customer service at elephant in the room in South Tulsa Oklahoma

What is elephant in the room? Elephant in the room is specifically geared towards men and gentlemen looking for an excellent experience when it comes to shaving and haircuts. We were first established in early 2012 by young man named Clay Clark. Clay had a dream to provide an atmosphere and a place where men could simply be men. You’ll be absolutely overtaken by the quality of the atmosphere and the quality of the dark wood furnishings set up similar to the cigar lounge. Sit, drink and relaxed with some of the top South Tulsa barbers ever to hit Oklahoma. It’s about the experience, the professionalism and the high quality customer service that is provided one of the top grooming lounges for men.

At elephant in the room you’ll receive a relaxed and professional atmosphere. We don’t rush our customers in or out the moment they walk in. At elephant in the room our top-quality barbers take their time and we indulge an excellent conversation. We offer you a drink when you first walk and see have something cold in your hands while watching our flat-panel TV screen to and in the ESPN. This is your opportunity to relax and not have to worry about all the other things you have to do that day. It’s about participate in solid conversation and getting a good laugh out of the barbers who were taken care of you. It’s about being a man without anyone telling you otherwise or looking down on you because you have a beer in your hand in the middle of the afternoon.

Our services include straight razor shaves and many other features that are not your typical barbershop treatments. These services include beer sculpting, facials, scalp massaging, and custom-tailored haircuts just for you as an individual. You won’t find another Barber in Tulsa who is so much attention to detail and the request that you make before you sit down the chair. You’ll find passionate, honest, and barbers who love everything that they do. With someone is passionate about what they do they take their time to do it right. That’s the kind Barber that you want in South Tulsa taken care of your hair and beard. It’s about artistic and creative freedom inside elephant in the room not only for our barbers for our clients as well.

Elephant in the room was established in early 2012 by Jonathan who partnered with the extraordinary Clay Clark. Together they named the extraordinary men’s grooming lounge and till this day have no idea what the name means. It’s something that catches your eye and something that draws you in so that you can experience the most professional South Tulsa barbers in Oklahoma. Take a chance with elephant in the room and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Our services are professional and our barbers are dedicated to crafting with every client walks through our door. Choose your add-ons, choose your service and choose to have a great time while spending an afternoon at elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge now opening a South Tulsa barbershop.

Find out more about elephant the room by checking us out online today. We also encourage you to call our professional’s team members so the you can talk and have any questions that you have answered. This is the place to feel good, look good, and experienced excellent quality great customer service. We are proud to announce that we are opening our second location in South Tulsa and this will without a doubt be the best and most unique South Tulsa barbershop in Oklahoma. Indulge yourself and completely let loose is a man when you step into elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge. Shaves, sculpting and custom tailored haircuts are now available for you.

Step back in time with the best South Tulsa barbershop

It’s not just about stepping back in time with elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge in South Tulsa. In fact, it’s about bringing together the beauty of the Golden age of Tulsa and combining it with a modern twist. There was a time where men could walk into a barbershop indulging good conversation and completely relaxed and their environment. It seems that nowadays there so many cheap and quick salons that men forget the professional service can still be provided. That is exactly what thought we first opened the doors and had the idea for elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge. He attended cosmetology school and spent over half a decade learning, crafting, and perfecting his art. He did this all for one purpose.

The purpose of learning how to craft and be artistically sound when it comes to cosmetology so that we could open up one of the top-quality South Tulsa barbershops in Oklahoma. His first location is located downtown and received and meant success after its opening in early 2012. Over in the room is been featured in Tulsa People Magazine and its leadership team has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine for quality and integrity in the business world. You will find a more professional staff or more dedicated Barber then at elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge. You’ll be absolutely 100% satisfied with the haircut, the beard trim and the straight razor cut.

At elephant in the room we always make sure that you’re comfortable no matter if you’re getting to shave or haircut. The moment we pull out a straight razor we make you feel comfortable and confident knowing that you’re in the hands of professionals. If anyone should be holding oblate your throat it should be the professional Tulsa barbers at elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge. It’s time for you to shape that beard, trim that hair and step into a whole new world of confidence. You’ll find that our barbers have immense attention to detail and you’ll never experience anything like it in another South Tulsa barbershop.

When you walk into elephant in the room you’ll find friendly barbers, professionalism and relatively inexpensive. In fact we also provide membership opportunities for every man old or young in Tulsa Oklahoma. These memberships require you to pay a monthly fee that is actually less than two services at elephant in the room. This brings you back to the good old days where men young and old were able to have weekly haircuts and beer trends. This is not just about stepping back in time. It’s about living and growing in a time where people should care about what they look like. At elephant in the room, we give you that opportunity to have the best services and the most professional cuts ever seen at a South Tulsa barbershop.

Elephant in the room can be called true great masters of their craft. There staff and their barbers are always looking to improve their artistic ability when it comes to sculpting and cutting hair. Not only do you receive the most professional and highest quality service available for you receive artist to truly love what they do. Passionate men create passionate results and good quality results. You’ll only receive the best the best when you try out the new location of our South Tulsa barbershop. Receive professionalism, interactive and some of the best customer service seen anywhere in Tulsa Oklahoma. Find out more about elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge online or give us a call today for more information.

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