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Experience the top Tulsa barbershop at elephant in the room

Men need a place to go in Tulsa. This is been a need in the city since well forever. That is why the founder and the owner of elephant in the room has put together a grooming lounge specifically geared towards men. It began as inspiring dream back in college but soon burst into a tangible and physical institution that is been called the top South Tulsa barbershop Oklahoma. wanted create an opportunity for men to experience the finer side of things. A place to they could go in a place they could call their own out one of the top South Tulsa barbershops in the city. Check out more about elephant in the room online or gives a call today.

It wasn’t so long ago that elephant in the room was featured in Tulsa world, Tulsa business Journal, Tulsa people magazine and CBS. The reason for this is that over the room has completely redefined and brought something timeless to the table. When you step in elephant in the room it’s a combination between old West, 1940s and a modern twist that has every man feeling right at home. In the simplest of terms it’s the ultimate man cave for men of South Tulsa. This experience won’t only revolutionized the way men think in South Tulsa but it’ll completely change the way they think about grooming and styling.

Elephant in the room brings a timeless and extraordinary service that hasn’t been seen since the days of your grandfather. Our services include straight razor shaves and straight razor head shapes. The straight razor ensures for a clean and fresh cut no matter how scruffy or out-of-control you were beard is. For elephant in the room and our top Tulsa barbers it’s about shaping and sculpting the hair. About accentuating the features that you already have is a man and making sure you look the best that you ever have in your life. Don’t settle for cheap haircut any longer when you can have a top-notch experience and an old-fashioned straight razor shave right here at elephant in the room.

The men’s grooming lounge was started by and his leadership partner Clay Clark. Clay Clark is also the SBA entrepreneur of the year which was awarded to him in 2007 for his business and in meant success in his first company DJ connection. Together Clark and Moore have started an institution that is grown dramatically since early 2012 when it first opened its doors. The main absolutely love the services and the customer appreciation that is very evident every time you walk through the door. These services include hot towel toner, straight razor shaves, hot shaves, custom tailored haircuts, hand detail and so much more treatments that are completely blow your mind.

Experience the top Tulsa barbershop at elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge. You won’t find a more dedicated staff or a passionate owner than right here at the top South Tulsa barbershop. Where looking for customers were not just looking for a haircut but they wedding experience something that hasn’t been experienced since the 1940s. Walk tall and proud like the great member for you Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and John Wayne. Be proud of the way you look and walk with confidence everywhere you go. The elephant in the room South Tulsa barbershop location will be opening soon and will include men’s haircuts, men’s shoes and men’s gifts. Find out more about our barbershop online or give us a call today at 918 – 877 – 2219.

The best haircut in Tulsa Oklahoma

Elephant in the room began in early 2012 but it’s history dates back further than that. It was first an inspiring dream that belong to a very unique and talented young man . , even though he was a baseball player for Oral Roberts University, had another unique talent and passion. Inspired to go to cosmetology school he did just that and spent a little over half a decade learning, growing and becoming the craftsman cosmetologist that he knew he could be. Then several years later in the city of Tulsa Oklahoma he partnered with is very good friend clay Clark and they started elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge in early 2012. The lounge received immense popularity with the press and immediately begin building a reputation throughout the city.

Elephant in the room takes a Tulsa man back to days where young and old men would step into a Tulsa barbershop weekly to get a custom tailored haircuts. These barbershop were more than a place to get a haircut. These barbershops were a community of men who would talk about nothing in simply enjoy themselves while getting a hot shave. wanted to bring this back into existence because he did not see it anywhere else in the city of Tulsa Oklahoma. This was a concept that was taking place in big-time cities like Chicago, Phoenix, Miami and New York City. So why not Tulsa Oklahoma Clay thought. Why not have a place where the men of Tulsa can gather and completely relaxed while getting a straight razor shave and a customizable haircut.

One of the main reasons why elephant in the room has taken to the public so easily is because Tulsa men are so tired of getting cheap haircuts. It’s not fair for men to pay their hard-earned money to get a haircut that they completely hate. has provided a very unique opportunity for men all over the city of Tulsa to walk in, get a hot shave, a cold beverage and a custom tailored haircuts that accentuates their manly features. It’s about time that the men of Tulsa have a place to call their own and a place where they can relax while also watching ESPN on the flat-panel TV. The men’s grooming lounge caters to the modern man and brings a unique experience that no other Tulsa barbershop is performing in the city.

Since its early open in 2012 elephant in the room is been featured on CBS, Tulsa business Journal, Tulsa people magazine, Tulsa world, and the Journal record. It’s leadership team also includes clay Clark who is the SBA entrepreneur of the year, the Metro Chamber of Commerce entrepreneur of the year and the US Chamber of Commerce national quality blue-ribbon award winner. This is a dynamic duo whose bring the best of men, style and grooming right to your front door in Tulsa Oklahoma. You won’t find a more well-run business or a more stable institution than right here at elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge in Tulsa.

To find out more about the very popular and astounding Tulsa barbershop please give us a call today at 918 – 877 – 2219. Or you can simply visit us online to find out about our services, our story and our staff. This is your opportunity to step inside the ultimate man cave and walk away looking great. Walk right back into what someone call the golden days of downtown Tulsa and strode out like Frank Sinatra or Fred Astaire. It’s time to look great in Tulsa Oklahoma and for men to have a place to call their own. Stop by the very unique Tulsa barbershop at downtown Tulsa or our newly opened location in South Tulsa Oklahoma. You won’t be disappointed by the service or the top Tulsa barbers in Oklahoma.

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