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This content was written for Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Room opened our doors for the specific purposes providing quality Tulsa haircuts and catering towards men just like you. The upscale environment is ideal for men who are looking to enhance their look, boost their confidence and climb the success ladder all the way to the top. This award-winning grooming lounge is always raising its standards and its quality in skill, professionalism and customer service. Get started today and don’t settle for mediocrity any longer. Call our professionals at 918-877-2219.

Let us show you a good time. But as give you and deliver an experience that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Allow our professional barbers to raise the standards of what it means to get a Tulsa haircut. Allow them to connect with you and build a relationship with you so that we can deliver the ideal look that you can’t find when settling for a cheaper haircut. Enjoy a beverage of your choice for watching sports on the big screen. This place was made for you.

We show every guest just how high are quality of service really is. By connecting with you and learning about you, we can better serve you when it comes to Tulsa haircuts. We want to know what you want and we want a custom tailor a haircut according to your needs and what you do professionally. Everyone understands that you have to look and dress a certain way especially in the business world. It’s all about first impressions and we help you make a fantastic one.

You will know what we are all about the moment you walk through our doors. You’ll see that we specifically designed this barbershop according to the needs of man and the likes of men. With repurposed barn wood covering the walls, custom countertops and rustic stacked stone, this lounge was created for the modern man. Modern and the ambitious man who is looking to be more than what he was yesterday. This is just one small step toward success. Regain your confidence again with one of our Tulsa haircuts.

Elephant in the Room will never lowered standards. Providing the cheapest men’s haircuts in the city is not our goal. Our goal is to pay attention to the details and give you a skilled Barber who can help you get to where you’re going. The upscale environment is catered towards men who are looking to maintain their look and we have membership options that can allow this. Mediocrity is not an option here at the lounge. And it should never be an option for you.

Get to Where You’re Going

This Content Was Written for Elephant in the Room

Experience the upscale environment and professionalism of the men’s grooming lounge that has been featured in Success Magazine and Tulsa World. The award-winning barbershop caters to the modern man and the ambitious professional looking to enhances look through shaving, Tulsa haircuts and learning how to dress the part. We are specifically designed for men just like you who are looking to move beyond where they are at. Get to where you’re going and allow us to help you get there. Call today at 918-877-2219.

You don’t have to dread Tulsa haircuts. You don’t have to put off getting a beard trim or cutting your hair because of the experiences that you’ve had in the past. In fact, all of our members walk into our grooming lounge with confidence knowing the they are going to walk out feeling better and looking better than when they came in. Our standards of quality is what we are known for. Providing the cheapest men’s haircut is not. For our clients, pain a little bit more for quality haircut is worth it. It should be worth it to the man who’s trying to achieve success in life.

The world will judge you by two things. Your deeds and your looks. We help with the looks. By understanding what you do professionally and where you hope to go in your life, we can custom tailor a look that is ideal for someone in your position. Whether you’re a doctor, author, entrepreneur, business owner, custom remodeler, dentist or anything else, we help you maintain that catered look that will help you move to a whole new level in your professional life.

Customer service is something that we strive to improve and enhance every single day. Customer service is something that keeps the clients coming back and connecting with our award-winning cosmetologists. When you walk into the lounge your offered a cold drink and invited to sit on one of our comfortable Barber shop chairs. Immediately our barbers start connecting with you and getting to know you on a personal level. This will ultimately help us give you the right type of Tulsa haircut that you’re looking for.

Get started today and get to where you’re going with the professional upscale environment here at Elephant in the Room. You won’t find another barbershop like us in town. You won’t find a barbershop that caters specifically to your needs and delivers an experience like no other that’s ever been within the city limits of this great city. Chatted up with the guys and watch ESPN on the big screen. Go to a place where man can be a man.

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