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A Barbershop That Believes In Service

This content was written by Elephant in the Room

We have been displayed in Tulsa world, Tulsa people, CBS, and the record Journal. We are a company that has quickly grown into one of the most successful and sought after Tulsa haircuts locations in the city of Tulsa. When we opened our doors second 2012, we have been offering an ice cold beverage and an amazing look better than ever before. The main goal of Elephant in The Room is to provide the best man cave and placed in the city where men can be themselves. If you’re interested in receiving our services, give us a call today and experience Elephant in the Room. Our number is 918-877-2219.

Elephant in the Room’s goal is to really provide our customers with more than just another run-of-the-mill Tulsa haircut. Each time we want to give you an experience that will leave you truly astounded. As you walk through our doors you’ll see that we pride ourselves on the details that we provide for every service. If you’re looking for a quick and simple haircut, elephant in the room may not be the place for you. But if you are looking for an experience that will change the way you think about male grooming, give us a call today. We provide more than just a tailored haircut. We have many add-ons that you can choose from include straight razor heads, and trim, hot Treatment, net shaves, and much much more.

We would love it you would come in and experience the relaxing in quality environment that we provide. EITR was started by the grooming professional and haircut expert, . Justin has a passion that started back in college where he attended Oral Roberts University. He then went on to cosmetology school and traveled around learning from the best salons in the area. When he was ready to open up his own establishment, he got into contact with Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year and Metro Chamber Of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark to start Elephant in the Room.

Anytime you have any questions about anything please visit us online or simply give us a call today. Our great staff as EITF will be more than happy to answer your questions and give you exactly what you are looking for from start to finish. When you choose us as your Tulsa haircuts provider, you’ll be greeted with the firm handshake and a cold beverage. This is your place where you can spend the day relaxing and receiving the true royal treatment right here in downtown Tulsa. Don’t hesitate and call us today, visit us online, or simply stop by either of our locations.

Here at Elephant in the Room, we absolutely do not focus on cutting corners that reduce quality, we instead are here to give you a high quality haircut. We provide an experience in giving men exactly what they need. This is a place to get away from the hustle and bustle, relax, and walked out looking your best. We believe in an era when men cared about the way they looked and we want to bring back the way that things used to be. Come in and experience Elephant in the Room and ask about our memberships today.

Our Barbershop Has What You Need

This content was written by Elephant in the Room

Our Tulsa haircuts are the best that are offered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Elephant in the Room was founded by in 2012, and we exploded into a wonderful and top of the line barbershop in the Tulsa area. We have a highly trained barbers where every client will get an amazing experience and a great look every time they use our services. We provide several services including Tulsa haircuts. For more information give us a call today at 918-877-2219. You can also see us online and find all of the services that we offer. We are definitely the place for the modern man is looking to redefine their look.

We provide custom, tailored Tulsa haircuts, but we also have a list of other quality services that you can have access to. This includes facials, brow waxes, hand trim details, beard trims, beards sculpting, and straight razor shaves. We want to make sure that you’re taking care of from the moment you walk into our door to the moment you leave. Our main goal is to bring every person an amazing experience. Our services will help you look better than ever before. Check our team out on line today at our website and see how we were even featured on the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, Oklahoma magazine, and much more.

‘s vision is all about making the people of Tulsa have access to amazing haircuts that they have not been able to before. We cater to men exclusively in our lounge and it is a great safe haven. From the moment you walk in, you will be greeted and handed a cold beer straight from the fridge. You can look over our menu quality services that we offer and you can also sit down and one of the most comfortable and antique barber chairs in the area. Elephant in the Room started as a way to relax and cater to men, and we continue doing that day after day. This is a great place to forget the world and forget about your job for a while. There’s enough going on out there that stresses people out, Elephant in the Room wants to be here to make sure you look great and get to have a breather from the day-to-day life that you’re living.

Justin and the rest of the Elephant in the Room team believe in giving back to the community. We do this by giving two children who have had a rough upbringing ever since they were little kids. Each time someone gets a haircut we give a portion of the profits back to organizations that help abused children in the Tulsa area. So look better than ever before and do it all with a company that cares about the community.

We are here to serve you. One thing though, men who are interested in cheap, bad haircuts, we are not the place for you. But if you’re looking for something more, something that will give you a new and polished look and barbers who care. We have what you need to look good, feel good and have the right men take care of you. Check out the Elephant by visiting online today or giving us a call or checking us out on Facebook. The Elephant in the Room is waiting for you.

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