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This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Haircuts Experts at Elephant In The Room

See what’s different about Elephant in the Room by picking up the phone and giving us a call today. We not only provide Tulsa haircuts experiences, but we also have a bunch of different add-ons to choose from. Local entrepreneur, , started Elephant in the Room because he wanted to give the men of Tulsa a haircut they can truly be proud of. He has a great knowledge of the master barber techniques, and he has brought his expertise to the people of Tulsa because he cares about the city. Not only is he considered one of the most professional and skilled barbers around town, but he also has a vision that has provided a place for men to get more than just an average grooming experience.

Look better than average by choosing Elephant in the Room as your partner when it comes to Tulsa haircuts. We look forward to meeting with each one of our customers and giving them the look that they’re trying to accomplish. Call us today at 918-877-2219 or visit us online today to book your appointment. Experience the relaxing and incredible environment provided by at his Tulsa haircuts center, Elephant in the Room. We have tried to raise the bar to a new level, and we think we succeeded admirably. We hope that you agree that as soon as you walk through our doors you’ll notice a difference in our established versus traditional barbershops in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Our environment features reclaimed barn wood, custom countertops, a rustic five, and a lounge where you can enjoy a beverage well watching the big screen.

We provide haircuts that are detailed and oriented to make you look better. We not trying to cut corners and give cheap haircuts out, we’re trying to do things right the first time and give you the quality that you expect is a modern man. There are plenty of places that women can go get fashionable haircuts in Tulsa, but when it comes to men’s stylings, our establishment is leading the way. We provide neck shaves, straight razor shaves, beard trims, hot towel treatments, hand treatments, and a wide variety of other services that you can take advantage of. These add-ons are not only listed on our website, but you can come in to our store and see them on the chalkboard.

To show our support and help make a difference in the community, every time that we give a haircut at Elephant in the Room, we proudly make donations to a local charity that supports fatherless boys in our community. Get a haircut and make a difference with Elephant in the Room. Doing things to a higher standard is one thing that we try and focus on. If we did any less, then we wouldn’t be living life as epic as we could be. Elephant in the Room thrives on hard work and dedication from the people that work here. Every one of our barbers is trained and executes on a high level of expertise on a daily basis. You’re not going to get a run-of-the-mill haircuts when you choose Elephant in the Room, our standards of excellence our next level.

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This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Haircuts Experts at Elephant In The Room

The award-winning barbershop that is Elephant in the Room, is conveniently located right here in your hometown. You can get an amazing haircut plus tons of additional features all in one location. We now have two locations in Tulsa one downtown and the other in South Tulsa for your convenience. Elephant in the Room was specifically designed to be your grooming center of choice in the city of Tulsa. For the very best in Tulsa haircuts check us out and see what makes us different. We are not just another run-of-the-mill barbershop experience, but we are place where you can find the style that you have truly been seeking. Call us today at 918-877-2219 and learn what it means to be a modern man living in the city.

We focus on giving you a great overall Tulsa haircuts experience. You can get an average haircut just about anywhere else, but when you choose Elephant in the Room, expect something more than just average. Were going to give you a Salon quality experience that is designed specifically for the men in Tulsa rather than being a place designed for women that also has some men services on the side. This is a place where you can enjoy a cold beer and hang out with the guys well getting pampered in a way you never thought possible before. Check out our membership packages to learn more about what we can offer you. We offer preferred scheduling, recurring appointments, no contract hassles, and a whole lot of other advantages. It’s never too late to pick up the phone and book your first appointment with Elephant in the Room men’s grooming lounge.

The way you look is the way that you present yourself to the world. Make an excellent first impression rather than just being some other dude. Put your stamp on the way you look by choosing a barbershop that cares about the way you look almost as much as you do. You can expect excellence from our hand details, straight razor shaves, dear to trimming and sculpting techniques, massages, hot towel treatments, and much more. We will help you define the way you look and present your self to the world. If you care about the way you look and you’re looking to impress, Elephant in the Room wants you to pick up the phone and give us a call. We have some of the very best Tulsa haircuts expertise in the area.

Schedule your appointment today and ask about membership packages so you don’t ever have to schedule an appointment again. That’s right, we have recurring appointments whenever you get a membership so your next appointment is Artie in the books before you can even anticipated. Were trying to stay up all of the rest and exceed your expectations. Our service professionals have experience and they have exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to expert and extraordinary haircuts. You don’t want to miss out on this crazed that is sweeping across Tulsa that is Elephant in the Room.

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