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This content was written by Elephant in the Room

Elephant In The Room started way back in 2012, and they have quickly grown into a successful men’s grooming salon in Tulsa. The location on this Tulsa haircuts establishment is downtown Tulsa at 16th and Boston. They also have a new location in South Tulsa. They provide more than just normal haircuts. , the founder and owner had a big dream of giving men an experience where they can get more than a haircut. Each visit you will get an experience that will radically change your identity as a man. We provide the right type of Tulsa haircuts for men who walk in and we also provide memberships for those who want to continue to use our services to make themselves look better than ever. Don’t hesitate to schedule your appointment today by giving us a call at 918-877-2219.

Elephant in the Room provides tailored haircuts, but the services will not stop there. Each and every haircut we do, you will get to choose an add-on that includes straight razor shaves, neck shapes, and treatments, hot towel treatments, and so much more. Our main goal is to create a safe haven for you to spend your time and simply relax and get away while looking great. Men who come into Elephant in the Room are not looking for cheap and quick Tulsa haircuts, looking for an experience and a place where they can escape from the busy life and not think about anything else but that cold brew in their hands and engage in conversation with a highly skilled barber in the Tulsa area.

We are definitely the leading men’s grooming lounge here in downtown Tulsa. We specialize in haircuts, straight razor shaves, and providing quality experiences for every one of our clients. Each time you walk through our doors you’ll be greeted by one of our highly trained barbers and offered an ice cold drink of your choice. You will also find that we have television sets that are turned to the amazing ESPN or whatever great sporting event is going on that day. The atmosphere is truly incredible. You will love the ambience and you get to sit on one of the antique barber chairs. It’s more than just a Tulsa have had, it’s an experience that you keep coming back to.

EITR believes in giving back to the community. With that, for every haircut that we administer, we will make a donation to support local children in need. Clay and the company have a great passion for people who are suffering from abuse and neglect. With every haircut that we administer, we give back to a local charity that addresses these issues. Every year millions of people report child abuse and our main goal is to support the people who are in a mission to stop this. We want to provide relief to the children are suffering, and when you choose Elephant in the Room, you’re not just supporting a local business, but a local child that needs your help.

We are very proud to have been featured in the Tulsa world, Tulsa record, and Tulsa People magazine. Just so you know, if you’re looking for a cheap and quick haircut, this is not the place for you, but if you are looking for a place that is an amazing experience right here in Tulsa, come on in today and get you hair cut by the experts who want to see you look your best.

We Are the Top Of The Line Barbers

This content was written by Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Room, the award-winning men’s grooming lounge is right here in the heart of downtown Tulsa. In the year of 2012 we opened our doors and not long after we revolutionized the way men see Tulsa haircuts. Since the day we first opened, we have been featured in publications and media outlets like Tulsa world, Tulsa people, the Tulsa news, and ABC. Our main goal is to offer a place where men can have a place to hide from the hustle and bustle of the outside world and they can get an amazing haircut and shave at the very same time. Come on by for a new experience by setting foot into our lounge. Call us today for more information at 918-877-2219 in book your haircut with the very best Tulsa haircut providers.

If you are looking for high professionalism and expertise in grooming, the great is your man to see. Jonathan Barnett went Oral Roberts University where he fell love with the great city of Tulsa and began his passion for cosmetology. He then teamed up with the well-known Clay Clark, a bustling entrepreneur in the city of Tulsa, and their passion and clays expertise grew Elephant in the Room into one of the most successful businesses in Tulsa.

founded Elephant in the Room because he had a vision in the dream to create an environment where men wanted to be. It’s true that there is high-quality salons all over Tulsa, but those salons are primarily for women. This is a quality barbershop that is strictly amazed to cater to men’s grooming needs. We deliver more than just Tulsa haircuts and from the moment you walk into our lounge you’ll be greeted with a firm handshake and a beverage of your choosing. This is a place where men can simply sit back, relax, and look great.

We offer an amazing membership program that truly sets us apart from all other barbers. Our program, which allows men all over the city to have their haircut and to save money. We don’t price gouge and we don’t skimp out on the quality either. We are straightforward with each one of our customers and you’re going to receive an amazing haircut. On top of that with every haircut that we service, we give a portion of our profits back to those in need. This money goes to children who have grown up in abusive situations right here in the city of Tulsa. So it’s time to clean up that hairline intranet beard all well giving back to the community.

There are so many different elements at our locations that make it a completely unique place. Elephant in The Room stands alone because it offers more than just a Tulsa haircut. We have so many options of having different add-ons and quality services including neck shaves, beard sculpting, beard trims, hot towel treatment, hand details, hand waxing, and facials. EITR is a barbershop that caters to the modern man that is looking to redefine his look and be more handsome than ever before. We know that you won’t believe how amazing you feel when you walk into Elephant in the Room receive the quality and treatment right here in the heart of downtown Tulsa.

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