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This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Haircuts Experts at Elephant In The Room

We have been featured in a variety of different top Tulsa publications including Urban Tulsa, Tulsa People, CBS, Channel 8 News, and much more. These publications just a feature us because they believe that are quality in our craft is worthy of being praised. We never focus on cutting corners to reduce quality and keep prices low. Were trying to provide an experience that is a step above the competition. For haircuts that are cheap and run-of-the-mill, you can simply walk to another barbershop anywhere in Tulsa and receive a haircut for 10 bucks. But if you’re looking to actually put a little bit of investment into your hair and your overall aesthetic, call us today and will be happy to serve you and your needs. It’s never been a better time to choose to up your game than it is with Elephant in the Room.

If you’re looking for a place that is designed specifically for your refined taste, pick up the phone and call Elephant in the Room today to book your appointment. Our numbers 918-877-2219, or you can simply visit us online or at one of our two locations located either downtown Tulsa or South Tulsa. We look forward to serving you and exceeding your expectations starting today. The competition simply can’t keep up with Elephant in the Room’s expertise. We are never looking to cut corners, and we are always trying to exceed expectations by catering to the more discerning men of Tulsa, Oklahoma. If you’re looking to get a modern look with all of the stylings and expertise gone in to classic barbering, you’ve come to the right place. Elephant in the Room is a place for men together and enjoy each other’s company as well as experience the best haircuts Tulsa has to offer.

The way we run our business is something that we take pride in, and we truly look forward to serving all of our customers in the future when it comes to getting expert haircuts in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Visit our website today and learn what it means to get a truly great haircut experience in Tulsa. We never going to feel like you’re out of place whenever you’re in our comfortable salon. We have old-fashioned in vintage chairs and reclaimed barn with decorating the place. It’s truly a man cave that is both exciting and comforting to be. You get to choose exactly what you want from a wide variety of different services and add-ons that we offer including tailored, precision haircut and shaves, many facials, brow waxes, hand details, beard trims, essential oil scalp massage treatments, paraffin wax treatments for your hands, and much much more.

Every time we get a haircut service in Tulsa, we make sure that we are responsibly taking care of the less fortunate people in Tulsa by donating to charities that support at risk young men. We look forward to serving you and giving you the haircut you’re looking for all while remaining responsible and helping the community as well. If you’re looking for quality, Elephant in the Room is here for you. If you’re looking for a responsible company that gives back to the community, we do that as well.

Exceeding Expectations in Providing Expert Haircuts

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Haircuts Experts at Elephant In The Room

Are you tired of looking at the same boring barbershops, and not really finding anything that matches your aesthetic and your sense of style? It’s time to forget the rest and go with the best at Elephant in the Room. We understand your style needs and we want to treat you as an individual. No two men in the city of Tulsa require the exact same stylings, and that’s why we always consult with our customers to make sure they’re getting exactly what they’re looking for when it comes to haircuts in Tulsa. Choose Elephant in the Room today by visiting us online to book your appointment or by calling one of our friendly customer service representatives at 918-877-2219. We always try and exceed expectations and provide expert haircuts to the men of Tulsa that are looking to take their looks to the next level.

One thing that tends to be annoying when you’re going to a new barbershop is that it can be difficult to get an appointment. At Elephant in the Room we provide membership packages which allow preferred scheduling. Preferred scheduling allows you to get ahead of the pack and get the appointment you need when you need it. If your mob is out of control and you can’t get a haircut, there are few things more frustrating. We try and prefer our customers to the front of the line and make sure they get their haircut when they need it. Other membership package advantages include one tailored cut per month, recurring appointments so you don’t have to keep calling ahead to read book your scheduled appointment, no contract associated with memberships, and a variety of other advantages they can be viewed online when you visit Elephant in the Room’s website.

The services we provide at Elephant in the Room are what truly sets us apart from the crowd. Other haircut establishments in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can’t compete with the wide range of things we can do for our customers. It all starts off with the core of the barbershop, expert haircuts. Our barbers and stylists are devoted to covering all the bases in making sure that your hair looks incredible before you leave our establishment. If you’re interested in getting a little more pampered then you can check out things like our paraffin hand treatment, essential oil scalp massage, razor outline on your hairline or beard, many facials, hand details, beard trims, and much more. Our services are expertly done and provide you with the peace of mind you need to get the very best haircut in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

When opened Elephant in the Room he wanted to do more than just provide Tulsa haircuts. He wanted to give the men of Tulsa and experience that would rock their world. Not only does he like helping its customers, but he also likes giving back to the community. That’s why every time Elephant in the Room does a service for the people of Tulsa, we also give back to the community in a way that can truly make you feel good to be one of our customers.

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